What’s a ninja without a Ninja Face Mask? Exposed! Don’t let your years of dedication to the craft of ninjutsu go to waste by forgetting to cover your face and revealing your identity.

When you wear this mask, you put on the most vital part of the ninja uniform. You can then instantly transform yourself into a member of this ancient special forces team and join your squad to go on important ninja missions. Not only is this ninja mask affordable, it is comfortable and machine washable.

At jjmartialarts.com, we also like to make sure you have options. In the case of this face cover for ninjas, you not only get size options (youth and adult), but also the option to wear a black or white face mask. Just be sure that the color matches the color of the ninja uniform you are wearing.

Don’t mistake this ninja accessory for a regular ski mask. The Ninja Face mask is made of thin, breathable material to keep you cool when the action gets hot. Get yours today and start your adventure off right.

Ninja Face Mask Highlights:

Thin, lightweight material
Machine Washable
Available in 2 Sizes (Youth & Adults)